To take part, click on an event below at the designated time.

Mondays7:00p  Happy Hour with Vicar Pam

                8:45p  Devos - Parents of young children 


Tuesdays:  9:45a Yoga 

                7:15p Women's Book Group on 3rd Tues


Wednesdays:  Noon Bible Study 

                      5:30p Yoga

Fridays:  11:00a Coffee Fellowship


All activities gather in the church parking lot.


Tuesdays:  7:30a Walking Group

Wednesdays:  5:00p-7:00p Community & Connection

Thursdays:  7:30p Walking Group

Walking in water

Welcome to Faith

We are an intentionally inclusive community proclaiming a warm welcome to people of every race, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and ability into all aspects of our church life.